My first week with Ubuntu

I will be honest here, i never thought i will ever use Ubuntu (or any distro of linux) ever again after my three terrible experiences in past. But last week i thought of giving ubuntu 18 LTS another shot on my old laptop which used to have windows 10 Home.
This time, I erased entire hard drive and installed Ubuntu with all default settings. Installation took 5 minutes and getting my Wi-Fi card work took another 30 minutes.
After it was all set, I tried using this laptop more for regular use and I loved it. Now, I use it as my primary computer.
What i liked so far:
  1. Speed and no clutter
  2. No worry of privacy settings
  3. Alternatives of all required apps are available.
  4. App Store is very useful.
  5. I have alternatives of Premier Pro, Photoshop available for free (legally)
What i didn't like so far:
  1. Learning the terminal.


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