How to be safe while using a public computer (Library, Office, or cafe)

 Many time we go on a public computer to Search, reading/ sending emails, or Facebook ;). Whenever we use a public computer, there is always a risk of getting our data stolen as we don't know what all tracking software installed on a public computer. I am suggesting few tips to be safer while using a public computer.
  1. Always use Private mode (incognito mode) in your browser. Its available in most browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer.
  2. Disable or remove all addons installed on that browser as they may collect any data. Firefox users can see Addons here and Chrome users can find extentions here
  3. Never tick "Remember me" button while login.
  4. Always see that connection is secure that means you can see https:// (not http://) in title bar. 
  5. Clear cookies and browsing data before finishing the session. (Firefox | Chrome)
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