How can i unban my YouTube account? Here is the method

Few years ago YouTube banned my Channel and i was completely unable to login into YouTube. For time being i made a new account with some temporary email id but i always wanted my original id back. I searched internet, many useless tutorials.
I kept on searching and found a working solution, although my Videos are deleted but i am able to start over with same email id. Read steps to recover your account
  1. Go to account settings
  2.  Click "Delete your account or services" under Account preferences.
  3. On next page click delete products
  4. It will ask you to login again.
  5. Click delete YouTube
  6. Follow instructions
  7. After 30 minutes of deletion (may be longer) open
  8. Click on Sign in link
  9. Sign in with your account from which you just deleted YouTube.
  10. It will sign you up again and create a fresh channel.
I will keep adding more. Enjoy and thanks for reading. Please subscribe to learn more in future posts. 


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