AirTel SIM swap scam - Be careful

What happened:
Today afternoon when i was having lunch with my friend. I got a call from +91 85789 86451, the person was claiming to be Airtel customer service who want to get my KYC (Know your customer) done. While talking he was telling me that company is re-verifying details of all customers. He said company has send you a message which i need to forward to 121 (Airtel customer care number). I received a message from  +91 95643 88297. When i read the message i got to know its a scam and then is just threatened the person that i am calling police about your scam and he disconnected.

Why caller was a scammer:
  1. Airtel or any operator would never text customers from a normal number. We should be careful that scammer can use SMS gateway to impersonate your carrier.
  2. Calling guy didn't know my name, if someone from Airtel calls for any purpose they will have my name and last recharge details too. Always ask them.
  3. The contents of message. it was "SIM 8991000900068937633U". I knew this message is send only when we have to swap a sim card with new one. SO if we send this to 121 company will block my sim and put my number on sim number mentioned in message. So i found out its a scam.

Why it is important:
All our digital life, social media account, BANK ACCOUNT are linked to our mobile number. These scammer will swap our number to their SIM and they can access all our OTPs which banks etc send us.

What to do?
 No matter what caller claims to be just tell him that you will callback customer care or visit store to get thing done and disconnect call.

What was the SMS the caller wanted me to send?

Its message which we need to send to airtel to get new SIM with old number, so whatever sim number we provide will have our mobile number activated.

  • SMS SIM <20 digit SIM number> from your existing airtel connection to 121
  • The 20 digit SIM number is available at the back of your new SIM card
  • Reply with 1 to confirm your request
  • Wait for the phone to get disconnected from the network. Then change the SIM and switch it on to get connected again.
  • Your new 4G airtel SIM will be active within 5 minutes
  • No need to change your mobile number

Be Careful


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