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Green (Disaster) revolution

In recent years there has been a sudden and shocking increase in a number of cancer patients in Malwa region of Punjab. At that time no one actually knew why this was happening.
Later in some scientific studies (few are lined below), it was found that the groundwater is having very high amount of pesticides and carcinogens in it.

"What?? Pesticides!! How?? "
It links back to an event which happened 4-5 decades back. Green Revolution which I think is Green disaster (You can use links provided below for justification).

Green (Disaster) revolution
Soon after India got independence there was a shortage of food in the country. To deal with the situation Indian government started a project called Green Revolution without predicting it future consequences.
The sole focus of authorities was to increase the yield of the crop. The new varieties of crops were developed which had more yield than natural counterparts. Bravo!! That’s what government needed. Everyone started using new varieties of the crop. Everything was going well. People were earning good amount of money. There were some issues such as they needed more water and more pesticides. States had lots of water, industry provided more pesticides (Good for their business).
No one knew (or they ignored) that it may have serious consequences.

What were the outcomes of this?
    • More yield (That’s what we needed)
    • Use of more water and pesticides (We had plenty of both)
    • Approx. 25,000 cancer patients (Number still increasing exponentially)
    • Approx. 33,000 people died of cancer in 1 decade (Doesn’t look much at first but once we think it would have been 1/5th then we realize the scale)
    • Underground water table decreasing 75 cm per year (Rate is increasing). 

Whenever some policy is made it is (and has to be) analyzed critically. Long-term consequences should not be ignored. Some other alternatives such as using normal seeds but involving more people in agriculture was a feasible option as it would provide occupation to more people and it didn’t have any long term bad effect.
Also eating GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is not good for health that’s why Russia banned it the long time ago and focused on organic agriculture. I think its high time for us to make a decision of banning GMOs and moving towards being more organic agriculture. We should not just focus on profit from GMOs as we can't eat money.


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