Gmail added new Unsubscribe link

In it latest version Gmail added new unsubscribe button in its Mail view page. I used that button, and I found it useful. I was able to reduce unwanted newsletters in my mail.

Just click unsubscribe button, and it will take care of everything.

How I stopped my YouTube addiction

Recently, I got so addicted to YouTube. I would watch YouTube videos for hours and hours daily. I even realized that I am wasting time still in was not able to get rid of this habit.
Then paused my YouTube watch history at . Once I paused my watch history and searched history I started getting less relevant videos and eventually I stopped wasting hours ion YouTube 
Link to pause YouTube watch history:

AirTel SIM swap scam - Be careful

What happened:
Today afternoon when i was having lunch with my friend. I got a call from +91 85789 86451, the person was claiming to be Airtel customer service who want to get my KYC (Know your customer) done. While talking he was telling me that company is re-verifying details of all customers. He said company has send you a message which i need to forward to 121 (Airtel customer care number). I received a message from  +91 95643 88297. When i read the message i got to know its a scam and then is just threatened the person that i am calling police about your scam and he disconnected.
Why caller was a scammer: Airtel or any operator would never text customers from a normal number. We should be careful that scammer can use SMS gateway to impersonate your carrier.Calling guy didn't know my name, if someone from Airtel calls for any purpose they will have my name and last recharge details too. Always ask them.The contents of message. it was "SIM 8991000900068937633U". I knew …

How to be safe while using a public computer (Library, Office, or cafe)

Many time we go on a public computer to Search, reading/ sending emails, or Facebook ;). Whenever we use a public computer, there is always a risk of getting our data stolen as we don't know what all tracking software installed on a public computer. I am suggesting few tips to be safer while using a public computer. Always use Private mode (incognito mode) in your browser. Its available in most browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer.Disable or remove all addons installed on that browser as they may collect any data. Firefox users can see Addons here and Chrome users can find extentions hereNever tick "Remember me" button while login.Always see that connection is secure that means you can see https:// (not http://) in title bar. Clear cookies and browsing data before finishing the session. (Firefox | Chrome) I will keep adding more. Enjoy and thanks for reading. Please subscribe to learn more in future posts.

How can i unban my YouTube account? Here is the method

Few years ago YouTube banned my Channel and i was completely unable to login into YouTube. For time being i made a new account with some temporary email id but i always wanted my original id back. I searched internet, many useless tutorials. I kept on searching and found a working solution, although my Videos are deleted but i am able to start over with same email id. Read steps to recover your account Go to account settings Click "Delete your account or services" under Account preferences.On next page click delete productsIt will ask you to login again.Click delete YouTubeFollow instructionsAfter 30 minutes of deletion (may be longer) open YouTube.comClick on Sign in linkSign in with your account from which you just deleted YouTube.It will sign you up again and create a fresh channel. I will keep adding more. Enjoy and thanks for reading. Please subscribe to learn more in future posts. 

Thesis Writing from Scratch (Part 0)

Hello readers,
I am posting after so long because i was busy with my college and persona life. I am currently working my Final semester  thesis. Today i started drafting the thesis and suddenly many questions came to my mind such as
Where to start.How to take care of formatting.What are headings for thesis.How to manage citations and references. etc. You are reading this blog because probably you are looking for answer of same questions. I thought of blogging my thesis writing experience with you so i will post my experiences, learning, and suggestions in coming posts. I will use this post as index and will keep adding links to this post.

Gender Equality - Strategy to implement SDG in Karnataka, India

Introduction Sustainable development goals (SDGs) were decided at United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. The main aim was to address all political, social and environmental issues and making governments to get involved in this together. (Sustainable Development Goals, 2017). There are total 17 interlinked goals. Thus, the result of each goal affects other goals too.
In this paper, I will discuss Gender Equality which is SDG 5. I will compare policies on gender equality from Canada, USA, and India. All three have been retrieved from their respective official websites and links have been added in and of this document.

Status of Gender Equality
Gender equality has a very broad scope which ranges from female foeticide to social equality. This goal is focused on ending all kind of discrimination towards females. It has been noticed that ending gender equality has posi…